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Paintball Fields Coming to Grantsburg

There are few people on this planet who have tried paintball and disliked it. The high energy, high alert activity comes with its bumps and bruises (getting hit with a paint ball can be quite painful), but also evokes a landslide of fun. Few people would complain about having another spot in the Minnesota/Wisconsin area to enjoy this intense activity.

 Grantsburg, Wisconsin will be a new home for paintballing when Sunrise Paintball has its grand opening this May. Owner Kevin Larsen’s ambition to start Sunrise Paintball is built on his own love for the game.

 “It’s a fun sport. There’s team-building and strategy involved and it’s great exercise. I’ve been playing it for 30 years, and it’s just an adrenaline rush,” Larsen said.   Sunrise Paintball will be based on Larsen’s property near Grantsburg on Borg Road. The idea struck Larsen when his nephew wanted to play paintball. So, he set up a course to the delight of family and friends and decided to move forward with the idea of bringing his passion to others.

 Setting up a paintball business isn’t as easy as simply inviting people to come shoot each other on your lot. Larsen has a conditional use permit from the county allowing the facility to be open a couple of days a week. But he hopes to grow Sunrise Paintball into a five day a week attraction and hire more employees outside of his family who will run the facility in its adolescent days. Larsen even talks of expanding into indoor paintball for year-round use if he grows a customer base and expands interest for paintball in the fields of Grantsburg.

 “My biggest thought as far as customers is that we’re close enough to the north metro, and along the I-35 corridor, to bring people out here,” Larsen said. “It would be great to get people coming up from the metro and spending their money in Grantsburg.”

 Paintballs will be popping out of CO2 pressurized guns in Western Wisconsin this summer. If you haven’t tried it out, it’s well-worth the adventure. Sunrise Paintball seems like a great place to start a paintball career.

 For more information, visit www.sunriseoutdoorpaintball.com.

Posted on March 21 2013